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Criminal Docket Jury Trial Docket

February 15 - Arraignments 9am   January Jury Trial Docket - Jan 26-27

February 15 - Arraignments 10am

February 15 - Arraignments 11am

February 15 - Pre-trial and Plea 1pm

February 16 - Status 9am

February 16 - Status 10am

February 16 - Status 11am

February 16 - Status 1pm

February 16 - Plea 2pm

February 17 - Hot Check 9am 

February 17 - Motion to Revoke 10am

February 17 - Pre-Trial Hearing 11am


NOTE:  Hearings are now held in person. Zoom hearings can be held upon request. Defendants will need to attend the hearings by either going to their attorney's office or by coming to the conference room at the courthouse, with one exception.  Defendants who have been placed on a deferred monthly reporting program for a hot check offense may log into Zoom from their location.  Zoom instructions have been mailed to those defendants with their Notices.  


Court Operations Under Circumstances Created by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The hearings that are being held via may be viewed by the public by coming to the courthouse to the lobby outside of the courtroom to view the hearing from a monitor in that room.

  • Each person (attorneys and staff) appearing at a videoconference hearing must have access to a computer or other device capable of utilizing Zoom. Zoom supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • Witnesses will be sworn by the Court, without the need for a notary. (The Supreme Court has suspended certain procedural rules, such as those restricting remote testimony).

NOTE: The “virtual courtroom” is subject to the same provisions as physical courtrooms. Please exercise proper courtroom decorum at all times.