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Melanie Whitehurst - Chief

The mission of the Wood County Juvenile Probation Department is to serve the needs of youth and families, with care and compassion.  We will hold youth accountable, while providing them the opportunities to develop the skills they need to contribute to the overall quality of life for all citizens of Wood County- Established June 3rd, 2019.

The vision for the Wood County Juvenile Probation Department is to assist in the rehabilitation of at-risk youth, while partnering with law enforcement, to ensure the safety of our Wood County community.


The purpose of Wood County Juvenile Probation is to provide children with the opportunity to overcome poor choices and make life changes for the best possible chance to become contributing members of society.  The department provides services to youth, who have been arrested or charged with a crime, between the ages of 10 and 17.  The department provides services to the child and their family, creates plans of service for that particular child, while holding the child accountable for violations of court orders. To read more about what to expect from Wood County Probation, click here.

The Wood County Juvenile Probation Department also provides services through the Community Resource Coordination Group, otherwise known as CRCG.  If a child is in need of services through school, Medicaid, psychiatric/ psychological issues, legal issues, or a disability; the CRCG, made up of various service groups, can meet to discuss that child and possibly provide services to the child and their family to aid in the best continuity of care effort. For more information on the Community Resource Coordination Group, click here.

Wood County Juvenile Probation is governed by the Wood County Juvenile Board. The Board is made up of the County Judge and the District Judge. 

Wood County Juvenile Probation also offers services to parents and school officials, with the parent’s permission, for children to be afforded services through a prevention and early intervention program.  This program is for children that are struggling and need guidance for issues that are plaguing the child.  The services offered through this program will be more of a mentoring program and will be a 6 week course.  The parent will be interviewed before a child is accepted, to ensure that the parent is willing and able to provide the structure and necessary supervision during the 6-week time frame. For more information on the Prevention and Early Intervention Program, click here.

The  Wood County Juvenile Probation Department  also partners with the  Masonic Lodges  in most of  Wood County  to present the Together Against Drugs Program to all  5th graders. The program is about  drugs/ alcohol/ addiction,  juvenile justice,  bullying/ cyber bullying/ social media safety, crime scene investigation,  and choices and consequences.  The program is being offered to all Wood County schools.  If you would like to schedule the  5-week program  for your school, please call Chief Melanie Whitehurst at                903-763-5772. 

Wood County Juvenile Probation advocates for all children.  If you need help for your child, but the child has not been formally referred to the department, do not let that stop you from seeking out services through our helpful officers and staff.  We want to be the best community helpers and the best advocates for children and their families that we can be.  Please reach out to a staff member if your child is struggling at 903-763-5772.


 Lauren Bates - Certified Activities Officer; Intake, Prevention and Intervention, Deferred Cases- Formal Probation Officer,

      Community Service Coordinator lbates@mywoodcounty.com

 Melanie Holley - Intensive Supervision Probation, Sex Offenses, Mental Health Officer - Data Coordinator, Crime Victims Coordinator, Clerk,

   and assistant to the Chief mholley@mywoodcounty.com

 Melanie Whitehurst - Chief and Instructor for the Together Against Drugs 5th grade program mwhitehurst@mywoodcounty.com


 Angela Jacobs- data coordinator and administrative assistant, contact for Community Resource Coordination Groups and CJIS ajacobs@mywoodcounty.com


 Jett Robertson- JPO Formal caseloads rjrobertson@mywoodcounty.com



Helpful Brochures: Sealing Records (English)

Sealing Records (Spanish)

Reporting Abuse and Neglect

Understanding the Juvenile Arrest Process

  Victim of Juvenile Crime - Know Your Rights