Emergency Management Coordinator

Tully Davidson

Fire Marshal
Fire Investigations

Emergency Management

Safety Officer
Floodplain Administrator

P O Box 938
Quitman, TX 7578
Phone: 903-763-2356
Cell: 903-569-7327
Fax: 903-763-4607

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Wood County Fire Marshal's Office and Office of
Emergency Management is to provide for, supervise, support, and train
all Fire and EMS departments within unincorporated Wood County. Further,
this office will strive to provide for the health, safety and welfare of
the citizens of Wood County in accordance with Chapter 352 of the Texas
Local Government Code, county policy and sound emergency management

The Wood County Fire Marshal's Office and Office of Emergency Management
will strive for professionalism in all areas of performance. We will
provide the best possible services at the lowest possible cost to
taxpayers of Wood County and the State of Texas. We will apply the law
and county policies fairly and consistently throughout the county. We
will communicate openly with the public, elected officials, fellow fire
departments and law enforcement agencies we serve.

Thank you,

Tully Davidson

Burn Ban Welding Information
Welding will be handled below:
Welding Operations shall be prohibited with the exception of welding operations conducted under the following guidelines:
1. A 30’ area clear of any combustible materials where welding, cutting or grinding operations are being performed;
2. A 30’ area clear of any combustible materials is required with an enclosure that is covered;
3. Anything elevated above 20’ - the radius will increase by two feet for every elevated foot;
4. Surface around area will be wetted down;
5. Wind Speed must be less than 15 mph (maximum);
6. Relative humidity must be above 30 percent;
7. One fire guard watching with pressurized extinguishers on site for every person welding, cutting, or grinding;
8. Each site will have cellular telephone communications for emergency response;
9. All welding, cutting and grinding operations may be performed in a total welding enclosure, or “welding box,” that is sufficiently high enough to control sparks and includes a fire retardant cover over the top. Wind speeds must not exceed 30 mph while utilizing an enclosure; Where welding (above ground and sub-surface) is required in an area where there is potential for a hazardous atmosphere, barriers will be substituted for total enclosures (e.g. “wind walls”) to prevent sparks from coming in contact with any combustible material. The barriers will be installed to allow ventilation of the work area and ingress and egress to the work area for personnel safety. Sub-surface, or “bell hole” welding and grinding operations within approved excavations are allowed if all other mitigation efforts are included.

Public comments are invited and encouraged on any of the links posted on this page, particularly the Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Emergency Action Plan. Please contact the EMC by phone or email and give us your input. Thank you.

Emergency Management Plan

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Emergency Management Plan

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