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Why Can't I Talk To The Judge?

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When most people visit our office, they want to "talk to the judge". We understand that everyone's situation is very urgent to them and we strive to accommodate everyone in the most efficient manner that best brings resolution to their situation. You may be coming to our office to take care of a traffic ticket you received, file a small claims suit against someone, file a debt claim case against someone, or file an eviction against someone, or you may be the person that these people have filed against.
One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you want the judge to hear your case, then you cannot speak to him without the other party being present. In order for a judge to be unbiased, he has to remain neutral in all matters until the case is brought before him. Otherwise, this is what the law calls and "EX-PARTE" hearing. According to the law and ex-parte hearing requires the judge to recuse or remove himself from the case if he does participate in hearing one side of a case without the other side present. So if you do get to speak to the judge you will cause the judge to remove himself from the case and the county will have to pay for a second judge to hear your case and you will be required to tell your story all over again.
The clerks who work the front desks are not being rude when they deny you access or require you to explain why you need to talk to the judge, they are actually preserving your case for your best interest.

Thank you