Notice of Estray Animals in Wood County

- On 1/2/2023, at 5700 Block & US Hwy 80 in Hawkins, there was a black horse with a white spot on face with bridle that was picked up and taken to the Winnsboro Livestock for holding for two weeks until the owner can reclaim the horse.

- On 4/1/2023, at 7558 FM 17 in Yantis, Texas, there was a 500-600 pound, black and white (spotted) Holstein Heifer that was picked up and taken to the Sulphur Springs Livestock.

- On 3/14/2023, at 464 County Road 1917 in Yantis, Texas. Several Estrays (listed below) were picked up by Wood County Sheriff's Office. 21 Grown Cows approximately 800 - 1,000 pounds 4 Grown Bulls approximately 800 - 1,000 pounds 11 Calves approximately 50 - 300 pounds